To Future Residents:

The Nest provide private and spacious living in that keeps our residents safe and comfortable. Here's the spacious advantages at The Nest:
  • More square footage, more living space.
  • Free, convenient parking.
  • Private bathrooms to give more personal space.
  • Lots of open outdoor recreation and outdoor living including a front yard and back yard, disc golf course, and more.
  • Spacious community with no elevators.
  • More privacy provided by homes and town homes.

To Our Community:

Your health and safety, along with that of our site management team, is our top priority as the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt around the world.  Because of this, we have made updated guidelines and procedures for our property as we navigate this uncharted territory for the foreseeable future.  A reminder – all following bullet points are subject to change.  As the situation is fluid and constantly evolving, we will continue to be in close communication and will alert you as updates become available.
As always, please follow these simple preventative actions: 
• Avoid contact with individuals who are sick.
• Wear a mask while in the clubhouse.
• Avoid touching your mouth, nose, eyes.
• Wash hands frequently.
• Use hand sanitizer when soap is not available (Use 60-95% alcohol content).
• Follow guidelines from the CDC on coughing and sneezing etiquette
• Practice social distancing by staying home when possible and by standing no closer than 6 feet from one another. 

We are now accepting packages in the office. Please wear a mask in the clubhouse and have your ID with you to pick up your package. The Nest Team will continue to practice social distancing and wear masks for the safety of our community.  
Amenity Areas:
Our amenity areas will remain open, with occupancy limits, as local and state guidelines allow. All amenities can be reserved by requesting a reservation through your resident portal. Our office staff can assist you with this if you have any questions. As we are able to safely reopen amenities to more occupants, we will do that. 

Community Cleaning:
To reduce the transmission of the virus, anyone entering any amenity or clubhouse during this time is required to wear a mask. Our common areas will be cleaned twice daily, or more if deemed necessary. We recommend you bring your own wipes to wipe down any area that you will be using prior to its use. 

As schools have moved to e-learning, shuttle service has been adjusted: 
• Currently, we will run a modified route to campus, though this is subject to change and is dependent as to whether any offices or buildings are open on campus.  The schedules will be adjusted as needed, so continue to watch for updated information.
• Shuttles will require 6 foot social distancing for passengers limiting the number of riders
• Shuttles will follow a wipe-down protocol after each route on handles, poles and doors and will be thoroughly cleaned each evening.

Self-Quarantine and Sick Residents:
It is possible at some point we may have residents who are self-quarantined or have tested positive for the virus. We hope that residents who find themselves in this situation will follow the recommendations of public health officials. We are not necessarily notified of self-quarantines or illness in our community, but we respect our residents’ privacy and unless directed to do so by public health officials, we will not share information about individual residents. When we are aware of a positive case located at the property, we will notify all residents. If you have questions or concerns about your health, we encourage you to contact your doctor or the health department.